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The Icon Bay

Share the love for icons! (and other stuff ^^)

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I make mainly icons but sometimes I have the courage to do other stuff like wallpapers or banners.

The Icon Bay
After a bit of thinking I've decided to open my journal for my photoshop thingies. I thought that MAYBE someone would be interested in my "art" and MAYBE want to join this community which you can't do with a simple journal, so here it is.
And just a few rules since I saw in other communities that life is easier with rules:

1. Whatever you do, please credit my icons or other stuff to didomhnaich or theiconbay.
2. I don't do bases. If an icon does not have any writing on it please, leave it that way.
3. I really like comments since I get some feedback from them. So, if you're not in a rush drop a line or two but of course it's not compulsory. :)
4. Enjoy your stay! ^_^

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