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Sorry for my hiatus I have really big difficulties if I want to visit this site which is a shame since I love it here, but now I could make it, so here is a little something before Christmas. :)
I had some trouble uploading my two underworld fan videos. I can't find a site where I can upload them with the original music since imeem is no more. If anybody knows something about a site like that, please tell me! So now I could only upload them to mediafire but if anyone is interested, now you can download them and watch anytime you want.

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Nothing for a long time

Sorry, it's not my fault but I did my best to create new stuff like 31 Rise of the Lycans icons, a DVD cover for the Lycan the Underworld forum's contest, 13 Supernatural "Bad Day at Black Rock" icons and a 800x600 wallpaper.

Total Icon Count: 31


TEASER! Icon 010 TEASER! Icon 012 TEASER! Icon 028

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A bit of Supernatural

This is my brand new fandom!
Now, I only made a few icons and 3 800x600 wallpapers but I think I will make a lot more in the future! This series is amazing! :)
And as you can see my hero is Dean Winchester. ^^

Total Icon Count: 7


TEASER! Icon 003 TEASER! Icon 004 TEASER! Icon 005

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Lucian + Sonja


EDIT: Now the video is available for download HERE!

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Hi everyone!
Today I represent my new fandom, which is Torchwood and I know that I'm a bit late but nevermind. I looove Owen Harper - Doctor Owen Harper, thank you - so I had to make some icons of him and one with Gwen because I love the lights on that screencap. Of course here's my one and only Lucian as well who I won't leave ever! And some Pushing Daisies as well because that series and Lee Pace/Ned is really sweet and one Frost/Nixon because I can.
Enjoy! :)

Total Icon Count: 33


TEASER! Icon 020 TEASER! Icon 033 TEASER! Icon 007

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A little update

Since my picture uploading problem still exists I can upload my stuff when I'm at college which is only on Mondays and Tuesdays. And that is the only time when I can make my photoshop stuff as well since my computer with my photoshop is in the town where my college is. So usually can't make big amounts or I can just don't have the time to upload them. I made more than these icons but the next half was made on the day I went home from college so that I couldn't upload. Hopefully I will next week with even more stuff. I'm quite creative when I should write my thesis. :)
So it's mainly Michael and two Sonja/Lucian icon. And I'm in the process of making some animated Lucian icons from the first Underworld so be prepared! ^^

Total Icon Count: 9


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Something strange happening around the computers I get near because neither of them want to upload any picture of mine. I thought it will be gone after some days but it's still here and I'm getting frustrated because I can't upload anything.
First I thought I could send someone my pictures and he/she can try to upload them somewhere but apparently my gmail won't send anything. So I'm stuck in this situation right now and can't do anything about it.
If someone has an idea PLEASE, tell me because I have none at the moment.
Yours truly,


Happy Birthday!

The absolutely amazing Michael Sheen celebrates his 40th birthday today! I wish many more of these days and I hope that he will remain as wonderful as he is now for another 40 years and more!


EDIT: Everything is fine with a Brand New Birthday Banner! ^^

So Happy Birthday again! ^^